Guide To Basic Cake Baking: Tips and Tricks To Help You Bake Like A Pro

What’s a fun-filled celebration without cake?

I love any excuse to eat it: at birthday parties, weddings, graduation celebrations, or just a random weekday dessert splurge.

But before ripping off the candles and diving into a colorful pool of icing and sprinkles, let’s bring it back to the basics.

We’re going to share our favorite tips and tricks to help you make the most delicious cake possible.

With our guide to ingredients, tools and equipment, and baking and cooling advice, you’ll be making cakes like a seasoned pro before you know it.

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I know from plenty of personal experience that baking can be complicated.

Especially when it comes to making cakes.

Sometimes, the perfectly fluffy, beautifully risen rounds of joy you were hoping to bake just don’t turn out.

Sometimes, you will find yourself crouched in

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Bake It Happen: Essential Tips for Baking Beginners

Congratulations: you’ve decided that you want to become a baker! Welcome to a wonderful and craftsy world of sweet culinary delights. From cake decorating to pastry making, there’s plenty to explore. 

Many beginners can be intimidated by baking, which involves ratios, recipes, and sometimes funny-sounding techniques. Don’t be scared off: once you’ve learned a few basics, baking will start to come more naturally and will start to be incredible fun.

Even if you don’t know creaming butter from cream cheese, these vital tips for beginning bakers will start you out on the right foot.

Start simple.

If you’re a new baker, starting with an elaborate cake or confection might be a bit overwhelming. Start where it feels comfortable to you. Perhaps that means starting with recipes that involve doctored cake mixes, or with “semi-homemade” procedures. That’s fine. It will help you build confidence for more difficult baking

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10 Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Baking Skills

Have you gotten to the point in your baking where you’re ready to take it to the next level? (Or any level at all?) Here are 10 tips to help you improve your baking skills.

  • Follow the Recipe

    If you had to boil this article down to a single tip, this would be it. Everything from preheating the oven to whether or not you should grease the pan is already in the recipe. Yes, you often need to grease your pan. But sometimes you shouldn’t. Ditto when it comes to using room temperature butter versus cold. But rather than holding all that knowledge in your head, along with the various exceptions to each rule, and the exceptions to the exceptions, just do what the recipe says. That, after all, is what it’s there for.

  • Measure Your Ingredients Properly

    That means weighing them. This mostly refers to the flour, since it’s

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Why should you take baking lessons rather than learning to bake from videos?

The last two years have been more than weird. The COVID-19 pandemic shook our world to its core, changing almost every aspect of our daily lives, for example, the way we cook and eat. Due to lockdowns, people began to take online classes on how to prepare various meals and bake. In some ways, this was a positive effect of this health crisis. But, like most other things, learning from videos isn’t without its flaws.


Baking bread or pie, thanks to online videos, can work, but only to a certain extent. Most YouTube chefs will shorten their videos, expecting that you know your way around the kitchen. This, however, leads to a poor experience. Luckily, with coronavirus restrictions slowing down, people are beginning to take in-person lessons to up their culinary skills, especially baking. Allow us to, therefore, explain why you should enroll in a baking class too.


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